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Alyssa Fudali

My name is Alyssa Fudali and I have an educator since 2011. I began my career teaching fourth grade and moved to the Insturctional Technology Specialist role in 2018. ​ I am privileged to work for a school district that embraces a technological society and provides educators and students with the tools to be successful in an increasingly high-tech world. As an educator it is not only my goal to provide students with personalized learning, but to prepare students to be successful in society. A blended learning model allows students to acquire and utilize the necessary skills to be independent thinkers while providing them with instruction on their level and allowing them to enhance skills vital to being successful in the workplace. Ultimately, I serve as a facilitator, while I guide student and educators through learning experiences that encourage them to reach their highest potential while learning how to think analytically about the world around them.


 Miss Alyssa Fudali