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DMS Salutes Our DD2 School Board

DuBose Middle School Salutes Our School Board!


January marks the annual national observance of School Board Recognition Month.  The DuBose school family would like to take this opportunity to thank our seven school board members for working hard to provide the resources our students need in order to thrive and be successful.  This year’s theme “Local Voice, People’s Choice” highlights the fact that school board members are elected by people in their local community to represent their voice and vision for our school system.

The public education of our young people is so important for the future of our community and our nation.  We salute the Dorchester School District Two Board of Trustees Mrs. Barbara Crosby, Mr. Justin Farnsworth, Mr. Evan Guthrie, Mrs. Gail Hughes, Mr. Brian Mitchum, Mrs. Tanya Robinson, and Mrs. Lisa Tupper for their leadership and commitment to a quality school system for our children. 

To recognize their dedicated service to students, we will place, Twelve Days in May: Freedom Ride 1961 by Larry Dane Brimner, in our media center in honor of the Board of Trustees.