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A Message From Karen Radcliffe 4/07

Good Evening, this is Karen Radcliffe, principal at Ashley Ridge.

We continue to miss all of our Foxes!  I hope all of our students are continuing to work hard in all of their courses.

If parents or students receive an email, text, Remind, etc. from a teacher, counselor or administrator, please respond as soon as possible.  We are trying to make sure that we have made contact with all of our students. 

Students should continue to complete assignments and submit the completed work as requested by teachers if they are able.  If your student is unable to submit work electronically, we will collect paper copies of work on Thursday, April 9th at 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM at Ashley Ridge.  You should enter the 2nd entrance.  You will receive a large envelope for which to put all of the work into.  Students need to put their name and the teacher’s name on each assignment.  We will have boxes available to put the envelopes into.  You will not leave your cars.  All assignments turned in will be given to the correct teachers.   A copy of the map that we will use is posted on Facebook, Twitter, and the AR web site.

Interim reports for students will be mailed home on Thursday, April 9th.  This report will reflect student grades for 3rd quarter work completed by March 20th.  Per the State Department of Education’s guidance issued last week, the third and fourth quarter grades will be combined into one semester grade.  Therefore, the grades reflected on this report will be considered interim grades, not end of quarter grades.

Seniors – I am hoping to have a date for graduation supply delivery by the end of the week.  In order to pick up all of your graduation supplies, your bill to Jostens must be paid in full.  You can pay the bill on-line at

Thanks and have a great evening. 

Karen Radcliffe