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Laptop Returns for Underclassemen

Underclass laptops will be returned starting June 11. Students need to come during the assigned day/time to the mini gym.
What to do BEFORE your laptop appointment:
*Back up any files to One Drive/flash drive
*Remove any USB items
*Remove any stickers
*Wrap up your cord and secure with the Velcro
*DO NOT take off the cover
All students must turn in their DD2 laptop before the end of the school year. Students who will need laptops for summer programs will be required to check their laptop out again at the appropriate time. Students who need their laptops for summer classes that have already begun need to see Mrs. Tanner ASAP. Laptops with missing parts or damage will incur fees. Please see the list below as a guide for some possible issues/charges. Students will receive an invoice with charges for missing/damaged items.
i. 11th grade F2F: Fri 6/11 in mini gym by alpha
ii. 10th grade F2F: Mon 6/14 in mini gym by alpha
iii. VA optional: Mon 6/14 5:30-7:30pm mini gym
iv. 9th grade F2F: Tues 6/15 in mini gym by alpha
v. VA optional: Tues 6/16 5:30-7:30 mini gym
vi. VA all grades: Wed 6/16 in mini gym by alpha