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A Message from Officer Laffey


Arrival Reminders:


As we return back to face-to-face instruction, I will be enforcing the car rider cut off line.  I will block the car rider line at 7:15, as indicated by the time on my cell phone which is synced with the school’s time.  I see who is not already in line at that time and will direct those car to the parking lot to park and walk your student in for tardy check-in, even when the car rider line is still being unloaded.  Class lessons begin at 7:15 so it is important to be in class at this time.  Due to an exorbitant amount of car riders, these limits are pushed. I have noticed numerous people trying to circumvent the wait by cutting through Summers Corner.  I recognize a majority of these cars and know they are doing this in an effort to avoid the line from Beech Hill Road.  Those cars will not get in quicker and add to issues near the student crosswalk.  The staffed crosswalk is not to be used for student drop off from vehicles.  This makes it less safe to have so many people congesting that area.  My order of morning traffic priority is the cars leaving the parking lot, cars coming from Beech Hill, then left turns from within the neighborhood.  There are very few people who don’t have somewhere to be and operating on margin, so please be a considerate driver.  Golf carts are expected to be treated as vehicles and should enter the car rider line as well.


Dismissal Reminders:


The speed of departure is impacted heavily by your student’s learning and recognizing their number.  With social distancing requirements and the youngest of students being focused enough after a long day does contributes to this and we expect that to get better and move faster as we go.  But, safety and accuracy of matching students with the correct car takes precedent over speed.  Please do not try to find another way to beat the line.  Student walkers should not have vehicles waiting at the crosswalk for them.  There are no left turns into the school in the afternoon.  This would cause serious delays due to a disruption in the order of numbers we have collected in advance and is unfair for those who have been waiting in line.  Please leave gaps at the far end of the loop where delivery trucks or emergency vehicles may have to get to the entrance before we dismiss.  Also, please pull up closer to the vehicle in front of you.  We need to get as many in the parking lot as possible to prevent Beech Hill and the traffic circle from becoming grid locked.


Please be considerate of others and understand we are all in this together and be as patient as possible. 


Thank you,

Deputy Laffey


P.S.  I love all of your children and they always make my day.  They are amazing and you are lucky parents!