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Important Information about State Testing

State Testing 2019 Season


Dear Parents/Guardians:

    This letter is to inform you about the state standardized testing that will be coming upon us soon. The students will be taking SC READY for ELA (English Language Arts) Session 1, ELA Session 2, and Mathematics and SC PASS Science and Social Studies. Our district’s testing window is May 9 through June 6. Below this letter, you will see the testing schedule for this year.  This year, the students will all test online.  During the ELA (English Language Arts) testing days, the students will also be provided a paper ELA Passage Booklet for Online Testers.

During testing, students may not be in possession of any electronics device(s) that can be used for communicating, recording, timing, creating images, or storing images.  These devices include, but not are limited to, cell phones, media players, electronic readers, smart watches, and headphones.  These electronic devices will be collected by the test administrators (teachers) and returned after each test session is completed. Students are encouraged to place these items in their locker prior to entering the testing session.

We want to stress the importance of making sure your child is here at school on time each day of testing.  Please try to avoid scheduling doctor’s appointments and other out-of-school functions during testing days and hours.  Even though the SC READY and SC PASS tests are un-timed, we anticipate that the majority of the school will complete testing approximately around 12 noon on most days.  However, due to some grade level numbers, we may have to run two sessions on some days.  Therefore, testing may not be completed until towards the end of the school day.  If at all possible, please try not to schedule doctor’s appointments and other out-of-school functions before 2:30 PM on testing days.

During the days of testing, please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before and has a good, healthy breakfast the morning of each test.  There is a website your child can utilize to practice for the test.  Please see attached SC READY and SC PASS brochures for the individual SCDE webpage.

We are also looking for volunteers to assist us with monitoring during testing.  If you or someone you know is interested in monitoring, please sign up by going to

As always, we appreciate your help in making sure your child is prepared and ready to do well on the SC READY and SC PASS tests.

Please see the SC Department of Education’s calculator policy.


Testing Calendar

Testing Calendar