Earthquake Preparedness and Survival


  • Lives were changed forever after the “Charleston Earthquake” of 1886. At least 100 people died, and the city incurred $5.6 million in damages. A similar earthquake today would cause catastrophic damage. Our community lies on a major, active fault line, and this type of disaster could occur at any time. Currently, our community lacks resources and information to assist during an earthquake. We need your help!

Essential Question

  • How will your crisis response team design a product that will prepare and help people survive a catastrophic earthquake?

    Design/Create an audio and/or visual presentation that you will present to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Your presentation must address the areas of education, preparation, and survival of a catastrophic earthquake.

    You will pull sources and skills from all of your core content areas, including but not limited to:

    * ELA – Information / text evidence from The Last Book of the Universe and related informational texts

    * Science- Earthquakes- Building structures & populations

    * Math- Data Analysis & Graphs, Survival

    * Social Studies- Using historical skills to research assigned earthquake or another earthquake of your interest. Use this information to support your project.

    You will need to have a Plan of Action submitted to your STEM advisor so he/she can approve your idea.