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Inclement Weather

Stock photo of a hurricane

The safety of students and staff is the primary factor when Dorchester School District Two makes decisions in response to hazardous weather conditions.

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The Superintendent and the district leadership team take this responsibility seriously and utilize a comprehensive decision- making process in making an informed decision as soon as possible. This includes monitoring weather forecasts and road conditions through coordination with the National Weather Service, Dorchester County Emergency Management Department (EMD), local utility companies, SC Highway Patrol, and local law enforcement. If conditions warrant a change to school operations, the district strives to make those decisions as soon as possible.

The district’s Director of Security works directly with the Director of EMD as well as the Red Cross throughout the year to maintain an inclement weather plan that includes processes for monitoring storms, providing shelter, and communicating with the community. Incoming inclement weather is monitored from the time it develops, and planning for the weather often begins 10-14 days before the weather reaches our community.  In the event of predictable inclement weather, DDTwo follows this process:

  1. EMD provides the DDTwo Director of Security with regular updates regarding potential inclement weather as soon as potential storms are identified.
  2. The DDTwo Director of Security immediately begins daily briefings for district leadership. As the weather approaches, and the path of the weather becomes more reliable, briefings increase to four briefings per day to coincide with the updates from our local, state, and national partners.
  3. The Superintendent reaches out to other local superintendents to discuss school closures, alternative schedules, and sharing resources.
  4. The Superintendent schedules meetings with district leadership to discuss all possible scenarios and address any potential issues that may arise. The district team develops the communication with families and staff.   
  5. When there is confidence in the path, strength and severity of the inclement weather, the Superintendent makes a final decision, a final message is crafted, and it is immediately sent out to the school community.