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To ensure compliance with the South Carolina Compulsory School Attendance Law, Dorchester School District Two has established standardized regulations to ensure regular school attendance.

In South Carolina, it is mandatory for all children to commence their education in a public or private school or kindergarten at the age of five (5) and continue until they reach their 17th birthday.

If a child does not turn six years old on or before September 1 of a given school year, parents or guardians have the option to choose not to enroll them in kindergarten. However, in such cases, they must complete a waiver form available at the local school.

Every day a student is absent means missing out on valuable instruction and learning opportunities that cannot be recovered. Students are considered present only when they are physically in school, receiving homebound instruction, or participating in school-authorized activities. 

Approval or disapproval of all absences is the responsibility of the building principal, acting as the board's representative. The principal's decision-making process is guided by the outlined procedures. If there are concerns or disagreements about the approval of absences and the eligibility for academic credit, they can be addressed through the district's established process.

Whenever a student misses school, they must provide a written excuse signed by a parent/legal guardian or a healthcare professional within three (3) days of returning to school. This written excuse should detail the reason for the absence and the date it occurred.

Failure to produce a valid written excuse will result in the absence being classified as unlawful. Schools utilize specific criteria to determine whether an absence is lawful or unlawful.

Attendance Guidelines

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"Attendance Matters for Course Credit" Flyer

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