• OMS Arrival Procedures and Breakfast Information

    Drop-off Time for Car Rider Line is 7:50am.  Please do not drop off prior to this as there is no supervision until 7:50am. 

    Bus Loop will release students from buses at 7:50. Students wanting breakfast entering from the front of the school will enter the side gate and go directly into the café to sit down and eat breakfast.  Students must eat breakfast in the café this year.  After they finish they will directly to 1st period.    

    Walkers and Bike Riders need to use the cross walk on Old Fort Drive in front of the school .  The students coming from Westcott will need to come stand under the awning behind the school to await entry. Students wanting breakfast coming from the back of the school will go directly to the café, eat breakfast, then head straight to 1st period.

    All students will report directly to 1st period as they enter the building at 7:50 unless they are going to the cafeteria.   

    Students not in their classroom by 8:10 are tardy and will need to sign in late in the front office.