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    Public Health

    Dorchester School District Two will continue to collaborate with the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) and review the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for our students and staff. Regardless of the learning model chosen, any person entering DD2 facilities will be required to follow all public health regulations and DD2 guidance. Below is an explanation of the health regulations we anticipate based upon current information available:


    1. Group Gatherings and Social Distancing Requirements
    There are currently state and local public health orders in place limiting the size of group gatherings and a 6 feet social distancing expectation. We believe similar orders will exist when the fall semester begins.

    In an effort to abide by these requirements, DD2 will limit certain activities and events.

    • Limitations will be placed on congregate events such as assemblies, performances, field trips, and other group gatherings to ensure safety.

    • Certain District activities may be postponed or cancelled to protect the health and safety of the community. These may include in-person events that bring large numbers of staff and community members into District buildings. Attempts will be made to offer virtual alternatives.

    • Announcements will be made when it is determined that we must cancel certain activities.

    Limitations and/or modifications may be made to how building facilities are traditionally used.

    • This includes large areas such as gymnasiums, libraries, cafeterias, labs, media centers, and others.

    • Modifications may be made to how these areas are used to allow for proper social distancing and to avoid congregation of large groups during instruction, transitions or at other times of the academic day.

    Social Distancing Requirements

    • Maintain 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people whenever possible

    • Avoid mass gatherings in large groups such as assemblies, performances, and staff meetings

    • Maintain social distancing on buses to the fullest extent possible

    • Maintain social distancing outside – including recess and other physical activity time

    2. Number of Students and Staff Requirements

    • Group gathering limitations and social distancing forces Dorchester School District Two to afford enough space per person in our buildings and classrooms. To meet these needs, we may need to reduce building capacity and/or classroom capacity. 

    3. Building Traffic Guidelines and Facilities Modifications

    • Each DD2 building will attempt to create a one-way traffic flow with separate entry and exit doors, when feasible.
      • Entrance and exit doors will be clearly marked.

    • Visual cues such as floor decals, colored tape, and signs may be utilized to indicate to students, staff and visitors the flow and direction of traffic (when applicable) and to maintain social distancing. Additional ques may be used to indicate 6 foot intervals when standing in a line.

    • Furniture will be arranged to support social distancing practices, including in waiting rooms, lobbies, classrooms and other shared spaces.

    4. Student Movement (Arrival, Transitions, Dismissal)

    • Student arrival and dismissal will occur on staggered schedules whenever possible to avoid congregation in hallways and at building entry points
      • Students will be directed into classrooms or other cohort areas to avoid large group gatherings
      • Students will be dismissed directly to their mode of transportation and will not gather at exit points

    • Transitions will be limited to avoid multiple cohorts of students interacting with one another, but may be considered at the secondary level.
      • The use of lockers will be suspended to prevent congestion in hallways and to promote social distancing.

    • Children’s developmental levels will be considered when planning for all new routines and procedures.

    5. Visitor Procedures

    • To lower building capacity, preserve space for students and staff, and abide by local health regulations, only essential visitors will be admitted to district buildings.

    • All visitors must have an appointment prior to arrival, present photo identification and sign in and out at reception.
      • No drop-in or walk-in visitors will be allowed and all scheduled meetings should be instructional or behavioral in nature.
      • Virtual meetings will be available and meeting scheduling methods will be advertised at all schools and offices.

    • All visitors who enter buildings beyond the front lobby will undergo a temperature screening prior to entry.
      • All visitors will be asked prior to their appointment to refrain from reporting to their appointment if they are ill or experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

    • All face-to-face meetings will take social distancing into consideration to the fullest extent possible, including possible virtual participation of some team members.

    • Efforts will be made to limit access to outside vendors to times when students or staff are not present in buildings to the extent possible.
      • Outside vendors will be screened and will be subject to the same entry procedures as building visitors.

    6. Screenings of Students & Staff

    • Signs will be placed on all entry doors alerting individuals of the symptoms of COVID-19 and asking them not to enter if they are experiencing these symptoms.

    • Staff and students will be reminded with an age-appropriate message daily during morning announcements to report to their teacher if they feel unwell. Students of concern will be referred to the nurse for further evaluation.
      • Parents are encouraged to monitor students for illness at home and should consider checking their temperature daily. All sick students should remain home.
      • Staff are encouraged to monitor themselves for illness and specifically for the signs & symptoms of COVID-19. Any staff member who is feeling ill should remain home.

    • Students in medically fragile classrooms will be screened on a daily basis upon entry.
      • Students identified to have a fever will be referred to the nurse for follow-up.


    7. Transmission Mitigation and Cleaning Procedures

    • Windows will be opened to circulate outdoor air as much as possible as long as it does not pose a safety or health risk to students or staff.

    • To the extent possible, students and staff should limit the sharing of all supplies, utensils, devices, toys, books, and learning aids.
      • Any shared materials should be properly cleaned and disinfected according to manufacturer’s instructions.

    • Custodial Services cleaning practices will be focused on cleaning for health, which includes an emphasis on disinfecting high-touch surfaces where bacteria or viruses are most likely to be transmitted (e.g., doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, classroom sink handles, countertops).

    • The Custodial Services Department will consult with District Health Services, DHEC, and follow CDC guidelines, to ensure appropriate and timely measures are taken to preserve the health and safety of our students, staff, and community.



    Dorchester School District Two operational services understands the need to be flexible and respond to the educational model that maximizes in-person instruction and complies with local health orders. Transportation, food and nutrition services, and other operational functions will work to support students and staff.

    The guidelines below are designed to maintain safe environments and health practices for DD2 students, staff, and community members.

    1. Transportation

    • To attempt social distancing and provide a safe environment, buses will operate on a reduced capacity.

    • Students will have assigned, alternating seating on the bus.
      • To the fullest extent possible, students will be seated individually, but in some cases students may be seated in pairs.
      • Seating will not exceed more than 67% of bus capacity
      • Individuals from the same household may be seated in pairs.
      • No more than two students will be seated together.

    • Students will be loaded from the rear to the front, with the exception of 4K and 5K students who must be seated upfront.

    • High-touch surfaces will be cleaned between each bus route and buses will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected twice daily, after completion of morning and afternoon routes.

    • Hydrostatic spraying with disinfectant after morning and evening routes.

    2. Food and Nutrition
    Dorchester School District Two will continue to provide meal service to students regardless of the learning model. Modifications to the meal service program may be necessary depending on several factors. Continued compliance with Federal requirements for meals served will be maintained.

    • Virtual versus traditional attendance will impact the serving model used.

    • Considerations for social distancing may limit the number of students who can be in the cafeteria and for how long.
      • Opportunities for “grab & go” choices, as well a possible classroom delivery model will be considered depending on appropriateness for grade-level.

    • Students who do not attend in-person will continue to have access to nutrition services.

    3. School Safety

    • Exterior building doors and classrooms doors will continue to remain closed and secured. No doors will be propped open and all existing security procedures related to door security will remain in effect. Although door handles are a high-touch area, increased Custodial procedures will be in effect.

    • Safety drills will continue as usual, following all State guidelines for the mandated number of drills as well reporting. No deviation from current drill protocols will occur unless mandated by the State.
      • Efforts will be made to social distance students during both indoor and outdoor drills, to the fullest extent possible, while still maintaining safety.
      • In the event of a true emergency, safety procedures related to evacuation or sheltering would take precedence over social distancing for both students and staff.

    4. Facilities Usage

    • All Facilities Usage agreements will be evaluated to ensure that all District buildings and other facilities will be used safely by outside organizations in light of current public health conditions, including social distancing requirements and limitations on congregate events.



    Nursing & Health Services

    Whether hybrid, virtual, or traditional learning, Dorchester School District Two Nursing & Health Services will continue to collaborate with school teams, community resources, and families to empower students to reach their optimal learning potential by addressing and modifying health related barriers to learning. DD2 will work to create a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for all students through the practice of professional School Nursing and a comprehensive School Health Services Program. School Nurses will continue to support all students, regardless of the educational model chosen.


    1. Health Room Operations

    • Normal Health Room procedures and treatment will continue daily in addition to modified procedures related to the current public health situation.

    • As is always the case, the Health Room should be used for the care of minor illnesses and injuries that occur at school and health concerns that occur outside of school should be treated at home or by your health care provider.
      • Parents are encouraged to evaluate students for illness prior to sending them to school each day and all students who are ill should remain home.
      • The School Nurse cannot diagnose or prescribe treatment

     2. Health Planning

    • Individual Healthcare Plans (IHPs) will continue to be developed and updated for students as needed. Completed plans will be in SNAP/the Health Room.

    • Students requiring special healthcare needs due to the current public health situation will have the appropriate health care planning done in collaboration with their School Nurse, parent/guardian, health care practitioner, and student (when appropriate).

    • School Nurses will continue to work with Special Services planning teams to collaborate on the implementation and review of student IEP and 504 plans as needed for students with individual healthcare needs.

    3. Medications

    • All necessary medications will be expected to be on-site and stored in the health room for any time the student is at school and should be signed in one time for the entire school year.
      • In the event of a prolonged school closure, special arrangements will be made for sign out of student medications
      • Students are not permitted to travel back and forth to school with their own medication unless they have Self-Monitor/Self-Medicate Orders on file with the School Nurse

    4. Immunizations

    • DHEC Immunization requirements for students attending school remain in effect. For more information about required immunizations, please visit DHEC Immunization Requirements for School & Childcare
      • Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s health care provider early to avoid a delay in receiving the required immunizations