• Design this year's yearbook cover for a chance to win a free yearbook

    Now accepting submissions for this year's yearbook cover design contest!

    Create your submission and submit it through the form below.

    Email Mrs. Hammock or Mrs. Henderson if you have questions.

Design Tips & Tricks

    • Do not use photos that you did not take. That is a copyright violation! Design this yourself from scratch.
    • Use Microsoft Paint 3D which is on your student device to make a design!
    • Try following the Rule of Thirds when placing elements within your design. Click here for more info.
    • Choose a color palette of 2-3 colors and stick with those to be consistent.
    • When it comes to fonts or words, keep it pretty simple. You want your writing to be more legible than fancy.
    • Don't be afraid of empty space - use it to your advantage!
    • Think about things that represent our school - and this unique school year.