• Dorchester School District Two Virtual Academy (DDTwoVA) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • How will the DDTwo Virtual Academy look different from distance learning in the Spring 2020? 

      For students in grades 5K-12, the DDTwo Virtual Academy will be structured much like a regular school day. Teachers will broadcast live or recorded lessons for students providing whole group, small group, and individual sessions as needed. Students are expected to participate and interact with the teacher as well as other students in class. Throughout the virtual school day, students will have independent time to work on assignments, participate in elective classes, and have recess and other breaks scheduled throughout the day. Teachers will have dedicated time each day to virtually meet with and assist students.

      What grades does the DDTwo Virtual Academy serve? 

      The DDTwo Virtual Academy will serve students in five-year-old Kindergarten through 12th grade.

      How much does the program cost? 

      There is not an additional cost for students who enroll in the DDTwo Virtual Academy. The only cost to families is the regular registration cost of $20 and the new technology fee of $20.

      Do I need a computer or other textbook resources?

      Yes, Dorchester School District Two will provide an electronic device to students enrolled in the DDTwo Virtual Academy. There will be a pick-up date for parents to receive student devices and any other supplies needed for instruction. A technology and resource tutorial will be required for both parents and students.

      Do I need internet access?

      Students will need reliable internet access. High speed internet is highly recommended as this provides the most reliable connection and best quality for video and streamed content. If your family does not have high-speed internet, local internet providers have low cost options for qualifying families. Some families may qualify for a mobile hotspot device.

      What academic support systems are in place for virtual students?

      Your student’s teachers will be available via email, office hours, scheduled class, or individual scheduled sessions.  Your student’s teachers will provide live virtual academic instruction and support and learning opportunities. Additionally, teachers, school counselors, mental health counselors, school psychologists, and administrators will provide social-emotional support regularly.

      Can a student with an IEP or 504 attend the DDTwo Virtual Academy? 

      Yes, if you are interested in the DDTwo Virtual Academy, please apply. Your child’s IEP or 504 team will meet to review and identify individual services and supports necessary to meet your child’s unique needs.

      Will Gifted and Talented services or advanced courses be offered in the DDTWO Virtual Academy? 

      Yes, we will offer Gifted and Talented services to students who qualify. We will also offer honors courses at the middle/high level for students meeting the appropriate criteria.  We will offer some Advanced Placement courses based on student course requests.

      Are all courses offered in the DDTwo Virtual Academy?

      Every effort will be made to offer courses provided in the traditional school setting.  Some courses will not be available due to the hands-on nature of the course or the structure of those classes and/or certification requirements. If a student has a course on the schedule that cannot be offered, parents will be contacted so an informed decision can be made. The district will work with educational partners such as Trident Technical College, ECPI, VirtualSC, Apex Learning and/or Edmentum to fulfill some course requests.

      Will attendance be taken?

      Yes, South Carolina regulations regarding mandatory daily attendance will be followed.

      What calendar will the program follow? 

      The DDTwo Virtual Academy will follow the normal school calendar and observe all holidays. All DDTwo schools are part of the state’s eLearning initiative meaning instruction will continue even if the district is closed due to emergency closure.

      Can I wait to make my decision to enroll once I know what traditional school will look like? 

      No, we need to know how many students will opt for the DDTwo Virtual Academy to ensure we have adequate staffing (traditional classroom versus DDTwo Virtual Academy). Registration is open through 11:59 pm on Monday, August 10, 2020. 

      Can my student return to the traditional school setting at any time during the school year? 

      Because staffing the DDTwo Virtual Academy requires the transfer of teachers from traditional classrooms, we prefer a full year commitment of virtual instruction.  However, if a family requests a transfer back to a traditional instructional setting before or at the semester break (January), we will work for a mid-year transition if appropriate space is available.

      Can students participate in extracurricular activities?

      Yes, students may participate in after school extracurricular activities at the school where they are enrolled. Transportation to participate in extracurricular activities, special programs, events, and athletics is the responsibility of the parent. High school students will also be able to participate in out of school activities such as prom, graduation, etc.

      Are DDTwo Virtual Academy courses NCAA approved?

      Student-athletes who wish to attend an NCAA Division I or II college or university must ensure courses offered using a digital curriculum for initial credit and credit recovery meet NCAA guidelines. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has very strict guidelines regarding credit for courses taken online, including courses offered by Dorchester School District Two. Many online courses ARE NOT APPROVED by the NCAA. Be sure to consult with your high school’s athletic director and your school counselor to determine if the online course is approved for credit by the NCAA.

      Can my student graduate from Dorchester District Two?

      Yes, all DDTwo Virtual Academy students will remain fully enrolled in their regular school, which means seniors will graduate from their zoned high school.

      How does a virtual student workload compare to a regular classroom?

      Every effort will be made to maintain relevant and appropriate workloads, but virtual learning often requires more independent work and attention from students to balance the absence of a structured classroom. Students will be provided schedules to assist in scheduling specific times for daily tasks.

      What will my student’s schedule look like?

      The school will operate on a five (5) day schedule. Students will be engaged in online learning, class assignments, and independent activities for six to seven hours per day.

      Do students need to attend scheduled sessions, or can they work at their own pace?

      Students need to attend their daily scheduled classes online as attendance will be taken daily for each course. There will be class and course requirements for all students. Students will participate in virtual whole class, small group and/or individual meeting opportunities. Scheduled classes and support opportunities are available and may also be scheduled individually based on student’s needs. Students may also complete assignments independently at their own pace but must maintain appropriate progress and meet all deadlines. 

      What are the grading requirements?

      All DDTwo Virtual Academy courses will follow the South Carolina Uniform Grading Policy regarding grading and Dorchester School District Two’s Board Policy.

      How do I enroll my student in DDTwo Virtual Academy?

      Applying for enrollment in DDTwo Virtual Academy is a three-step process.

      • Step 1: Parents may apply for the DDTwo Virtual Academy at https://www.ddtwo.org/VA. The application will remain open through 11:59 pm on Monday, August 10, 2020.
      • Step 2: Once registration opens for 2020-21, all new and returning students to Dorchester District Two must also complete the online registration for their zoned school of residence at https://www.ddtwo.org/2020.
      • Step 3: Complete the Parent/Guardian Contract. Contracts were emailed. If you did not receive one, please email DDTwoVA@dorchester2.k12.sc.us.

      If for any reason you decide not to participate in the DDTwo Virtual Academy after you apply, please email the address below.

      If you have additional questions, please submit them at DDTwoVA@dorchester2.k12.sc.us.