• Upcoming Parapro Testing Dates:

    Friday, April 7th, 2023 at 8:30 A.M.


    Please call 843-873-7372 today to register.

  • Paraprofessionals


    Prerequisites:  Must possess a GED or High School Diploma

    Candidate with 60 college credit hours or greater is exempt from all testing.  May apply for positions at https://www.ddtwo.org/do

    Candidate with 59 credit hours or less, must take the pre-TABE test through Dorchester County Adult Education.  Minimum scores required are 536 Reading/537 Math.  Candidate takes both sections if applying for a financial position.  If candidate scores less than the minimum in one or more subjects, they must sign up at Dorchester Adult Education for Employment class. 

    Class Cost:  $20.00

    After a candidate has completed 40 hours of class, the candidate takes the Post-TABE test.  If the minimum score is met, no other class is needed.  Candidate must then take the Parapro test.  Teacher must recommend candidates for Parapro test to receive free testing.

    If a candidate scores less than the minimum in one or more sections, the candidate returns to class, with no additional cost, for another 40 hours before re-testing.

    Once the minimum score is met on the Parapro test, candidates may apply for teaching assistant or clerical positions at https://www.ddtwo.org.do