Instructional Technology FAQs

  • At our school, we understand the importance of integrating technology into and across the curriculum. 


    We are working to create resources to help you and your child access our intructional technology resources from home.  

    Refer to the helpful information below.  If you still need help, reach out to your child's teacher.  If more assistance is needed, your child's teacher will reach out to our ITS.

    Thank you for being patient as we are currently experiencing a high volume of calls and emails.  We are responding as soon as possible.  Stay safe!

Common Questions & Answers

  • Clever  Clever:

    Q: I am unable to login to Clever. What do I do?

    A: Here are a few common troubleshooting tips:

    • Start at this web address:

    • Make sure you are clicking on "login with active directory"

    • Your username must have after it.

    • Check to see if capslock is on. This can cause the password to be incorrect.

    • When using an Android phone, you may need to change the view to “desktop site”.


    IL  Imagine Learning:

    Q: How do I access Imagine Learning on a tablet?

    A: Please try the following steps:

    • Download the Imagine Learning app from your app store.

    Imagine Language and Literacy 

    apple app store       android app

    Imagine Math Facts  

    apple app store       android app

    • Login using the first part of your Clever login. For example if my Clever username is, my Imagine Learning username would be jdoe. Your password is the same as your username.

    • The site code is 4502010.

    • Imagine Learning Support (866) 457-8776


    Teams  Office 365 & Microsoft Teams:

    Q: When I click on Microsoft Teams or Office 365 through Clever I am being asked to log in again.  What do I do?

    A: You will need to log in using the same login and password as Clever.  Be sure to include in the username.

    Q: Do students have a district email account?

    A:  No.  Their user name looks like an email address, but they do not have access to email on our servers.


    Waterford  Waterford:

    Q: How do I access Waterford?

    A: Parents should have received an email from Waterford with directions for how to access Waterford from home.  If you did not, please let your teacher know.  Waterford can also be accessed through Clever.


    Other Common Questions/Comments:

    Q: I'm having trouble logging in more than one of my students, how do I have multiple students log into the same device? 

    A:  exit out of all open windows and then restart the device

    Q: Who can I contact for additional technology troubleshooting? 

    A: Please reach out to your teacher or the school Instructional Technology Specialist, Jennifer Veloso (



    C:  I don't have a printer.

    A:  Much of the work assigned can be submitted digitally.  In addition to downloading Teams on your personal devices (works on phones, iPads, computers), Office Lens is another great app.   It takes clean, free images of documents.   Best of all, it can be linked directly to your student's Office 365 account so that all scans are sent directly to their OneDrive.



    • Prefered Browsers- Chrome and Firefox


    Helpful "How To" Videos and Documents (updated daily to support technology needs for distance learning)

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.