Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:   When are auditions?

    Applications are accepted in the fall and audtions occur in January for positions in the following school year's 6th grade class.  

    Q:   Who may apply?

    Any current fifth grade student who resides in the Dorchester School District Two attendance area.

    Q:   How many students will be accepted for the 2020-2021 school year?

    Approximately 284 students will be accepted for sixth grade.

    Q:   Is Rollings an academic magnet school?

    No, Rollings is a school for the fine and performing arts. The acceptance process is based on audition only.

    Q:   Are there GATE classes at Rollings?

    Yes, classes for students who are academically gifted in language arts, math, science, and social studies are offered.

    Q:   What are the arts core areas?

    A student is accepted as a major in one of the following areas: Band, Dance, Piano, String Orchestra, Theatre Arts, Visual Art, or Vocal Music.

    Q:   Does the District provide transportation to Rollings?

    Yes, bus transportation is available for all students.

    Q:   Is Rollings on the same schedule as the other middle schools?

    No, Rollings is not on the same schedule as other middle schools.  Student hours are 8:55 AM – 3:55 PM.

    Q:   Are there after-school commitments at Rollings?

    Yes, there are often rehearsals, performances, exhibitions, and programs that students must attend after school and at night. There are also after school sports programs in which students may enroll.

    Q:   What classes do Rollings students take?

    Students take six blocks of instruction daily. The blocks include their arts core area, language arts, math, science, social studies, and physical education/secondary arts area.

    Q:   If I am accepted to Rollings and enroll next year, may I return to my home school if I don’t like it?

    No, once you enroll you are committed for the entire school year. You may elect to return to your home school at the end of the school year. 

    Q:    If I am accepted this year, do I have to audition again next year?

    No, you only audition one time.

    Q:   Can I see my child’s scores if he/she was not accepted?

    The District's Fine Arts Department oversees auditions.  The department will discuss with you your child’s rank from the cut off score and also provide you with information on the fine arts opportunities at the other middle schools. 

    Q:   Can I see my child’s scores if he/she was accepted to Rollings?

    No, all students accepted enter Rollings as equals, no matter what score they received in their audition. The scores of accepted students are deleted when the acceptance letters are mailed.

    Q:   Is there a waiting list to get into Rollings?

    No, there is not an overall waiting list. If a student does not accept or resigns a position before the school year begins, we will contact the student with the next highest score in that core.  

    Q:   What if there are tied scores?

    We take all students with tied scores.

    Q:   May a student change cores after they have been accepted?

    No, a student stays in the same core during their entire attendance at Rollings.