Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Neat

OES Counseling Program Mission Statement:  

Our mission is to support all student needs as they develop the skills necessary to be college and career ready and emphasize our value on relationships, rigor, and relevance.  


Services Offered:

- Individual Counseling: short-term counseling for students in need

- Small Groups: Six-week group with 3-6 members, topics include: Self-Control, Grief, Parent Separation, Self-Esteem, Emotion Regulation, etc. 

- Classroom Guidance Lessons: Monthly lessons on various topics, including Bullying Prevention, Personal Body Safety, Emotion Regulation, Growth Mindset, etc. 

- Student Support Team: academic and behavioral interventions used to provide early, systematic assistance to students who are having difficulty learning.  

- Lunch Buddies: Bi-weekly lunch sessions that can be group or individual.



Ms. Neat

4k-2nd grade School Counselor

(843) 821-1165

(843) 779-9482