• RMSA Locker Agreement and Expectations

    This document details guidelines and expectations for using RMSA lockers. Having a locker is a privilege for RMSA students.  ALL students will be assigned a locker number and combination. The use of the locker is at the student’s discretion.  Students can and will be allowed to use their book bags during the school day.  Lockers at Rollings Middle School of the Arts are the property of Dorchester School District Two. No outside locks are permitted. Violation of the rules/procedures listed below will result in the loss of the privilege of having a locker.

    1. The school assumes NO responsibility for loss or damage to personal or school items in an unlocked or locked locker.
    2. Rollings Middle School of the Arts reserves the right to search lockers at any time.
    3. Students should keep only items necessary for school in the lockers (i.e. textbooks, school supplies, etc.)
    4. Storage of food and drink in the locker is not allowed; however, students may store contained lunches. Food items are to be removed by the end of each school day.
    5. Students are not to share lockers with other students or share their locker combinations with other students.
    6. Lockers must be in the same condition at the end of the school year as they were in the beginning of the school year. Writing, placing stickers, and/or the personalization of the inside and outside of lockers in any manner is prohibited. Students guilty of such infractions will be charged a $10.00 cleaning fee.
    7. Students may not use lockers without permission/pass outside of the posted times.
    8. Students will not have access to lockers until the 8:50 A.M. bell rings.
    9. Being tardy to class due to going to a locker is not acceptable.
    10. If students are having problems with lockers, they are to report this information immediately to any of their grade-level teachers.
    11. Students will be allowed to use lockers the following times:
    • Before first period 8:50AM-8:55 A.M.
    • During ILT at any time
    • Before 7th period


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