Chris Vincion



Degrees and Certifications:

Chris Vincion

Mr Vincion is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. He received his Bachelor’s
degree in Spanish from The University of Tennessee at Martin and his Master’s degree in Spanish Literature from the University of Virginia.
Mr Vincion has taught Spanish since 1990 and has been a member of The Fort team since 2008.

Mr Vincion enjoys exercise and a healthful lifestyle. He has travelled in South America and Europe, his most recent excursion being a family
vacation to Austria, the Czech Republic, and Scotland. He loves studying world languages and culture and embraces it as a path to a more unified, peaceful world. Mr Vincion has also studied French, Portuguese, Italian, and German.

Mr Vincion and his wife, Luciana, have two children. Luciana travels the world as a fitness consultant, a career that has carried her to Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Italy, China, Korea, Portugal, the Netherlands, Jamaica, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, and Ecuador. Although challenging at times to keep up with family schedules, the Vincions enjoy their active lives.

Many years ago when Mr Vincion was attending university, a bulletin board on campus caught his attention. He was inspired by its simple message
beckoning students to take advantage of their youth by travelling and studying abroad, and to change the world for the better. Maybe you’ll be inspired by that same message . . .

Help eliminate foreign languages.