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    A Story is a Doorway

     By Richard Peck
    A story is a doorway
    That opens on a wider place;
    A story is a mirror
    To reflect the reader's face.

    A story is a question
    You hadn't thought to ponder;
    A story is a pathway
    Inviting you to wander.

    A story is a window,
    A story is a key,
    A story is a lighthouse
    Beaming out to sea.

    A story's a beginning,
    A story is an end,
    And in the story's middle
    You might just find a friend.
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    Box Tops are going digital!
    Did you know that our school participates in the Box Tops program? We earn $.10 for each Box Top collected, and now it is even easier to collect Box Tops because Box Tops is going digital! Just download the Box Tops app and scan your receipt. No more clipping! If you do have products with the old box top label, you may still clip and send those box tops to school as long as the expiration date hasn’t passed. Either way you choose, collecting Box Tops helps our school. Look for either the new digital label or the old clipping label the next time you go shopping!