• Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Dorchester School District Two Transportation Department is to provide our students the safest and most efficient school transportation possible.



    School Bus ID Tag Program--Applies to Summer Reading & Math Camp at Newington and Windsor Hill

    Due to the changes this school year 4K, 5K, first and second grade students must participate in this program. See further detail below. This will continue for the summer school program and future school years permanently.

    Laptops and Take-Home Meals

    The devices issued by the schools are for use in school and at home. Federal and State transportation laws prohibit their use on the school bus. These devices must remain inside the students' backpacks or appropriate carry-on bags at all times while on board the school bus. South Carolina Department of Education regulations prohibit eating during school bus operations. There are safety (choking), health (allergies, etc) and sanitation hazards that come from eating on school buses. Please remind students the take-home meals are to remain in the bags in which they are handed out or in the students' backpacks.



    GPS Tracking:  We will continue to use Edulog Parent Portal Lite with GPS tracking technology. It's a free app you can find on the Apple App Store or Google

    Play Store. The app will allow you to see your bus in near real time and set up notification zones to give you more insight on the location of the bus and it's arrival at your bus stop or the school. It's very easy to set up and use. Please click the link on the left for more information you'll need for the app. Instructions are linked here to help you download and set up the app.


    Note on Double Backs: This means the bus will make two runs, picking up a load of students and delivering them, then going back on another run to pick up a second load. This will add at least 20 minutes to your normal bus stop times, probably more. This means if it's not your regular bus number, expect about 20 minutes or more of delay.