Degrees and Certifications:

BS Chemistry (Wofford College 2007)

Mr. Chris Williams

This is my third year teaching at Ashley Ridge.  I received my Bachelor's degree in Chemistry at Wofford College in 2007, where I also ran track and cross country.  I spent one year teaching environmental education on Seabrook Island, then two years doing hematopoietic stem cell research and volunteering in the Children's Hospital at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).  I then spent three years attending medical school at MUSC, and four years working in a clinical laboratory in Mt. Pleasant.  In my free time I enjoy running, reading, and watching basketball.

I am very excited to help you learn and succeed this year.  Please come see me during ILT in A114 or e-mail me if you ever have any questions or concerns!

Text @crwchema OR @crwchemb to 81010 to join Remind and receive homework and class reminders.

All of my notes and resources can be found under the "Helpful Resources" tab on the left.

  • The learning activities included in this packet include review material from quarters 1-3.  Everything in the packet is also accessible online on the ARHS webpage and through your Remind.  Please contact me if you need any assistance.

    For this packet, students will have two options depending on your internet and personal device needs.  The length of each assignment is the same and both assignments cover the same learning objectives and content.  Students should choose the option that best fits their individual needs.


    Please use the checklist below to pace your activities.  It is not necessary, nor is it expected for students to complete all parts of the assignment in a few days or one week.


    As indicated by the checklist, please submit the listed assignment by the specified date.  Students will receive specific instructions through the aforementioned platforms about how to submit their completed work.  The attachments can be printed, or students may complete their work on a separate sheet of paper.  If work is completed on a separate sheet of paper, please label the paper with the title of the assignment and the student’s name and class period. 


    Option #1—Internet Based (computer, tablet, or phone)

    • Watch The Poisoner’s Handbook ~ 2 hours divided into 5 sectionsàYouTube link provided on handout
    • Answer ALL questions that accompany each section.


    Option #2—Internet NOT Required

    • Nomenclature and Stoichiometry Review
    • Answer the chemistry review questions from The Poisoner’s Handbook. These questions do NOT require you to watch the movie.
    • The Chemistry Review Questions are listed on each section of The Poisoner’s Handbook



    Chemistry Assignments Checklist


    Option #1 Assignment


    Option #2 Assignment

    No Internet

    Due Date

    Day 1

    B:  4/1

    A:  4/2

    Watch Section #1 of TPH

    Answer Section #1 Questions 1-14

    Nomenclature Review #1

    Submit Assignments from Packet #1

    3/16 – 3/31

    Day 2

    B:  4/3

    A:  4/6

    Answer Section #1 Questions 14-28

    Answer Section #1 Questions 6-17

    Answer Section #1 Questions 23-25

    April 6th

    Submit Section #1 Work

    Both options

    Day 3

    B:  4/7

    A:  4/8

    Watch Section #2 of TPH

    Answer Section #2 Questions 1-10

    Nomenclature Review #2

    April 10th

    Day 4

    B:  4/9

    A:  4/10

    Answer Section #2 Questions 11-22

    Answer Section #2 Questions 4-10

    Answer Section #2 Questions 17-22

    April 10th

    Submit Section #2 Work

    Both options

    Day 5

    B:  4/20

    A:  4/21

    Watch Section #3 of TPH

    Answer Section #3 Questions 1-18

    Stoichiometry Review #3

    April 24th

    Day 6

    B:  4/22

    A:  4/23

    Answer Section #3 Questions 19-32

    Answer Section #3 Questions:

    7-11, 18-23, 26-32

    April 24th

    Submit Section #3 Work

    Both options

    Day 7

    B:  4/24

    A:  4/27

    Watch Section #4 of TPH

    Answer Section #4 Questions ALL

    Answer Section #4 Questions:

    7-10 and 18-21

    April 29th

    Submit Section #4 Work

    Both Options

    Day 8

    B:  4/28

    A:  4/29

    Watch Section #5 of TPH

    Answer Section #5 Questions ALL

    Answer Section #5 Questions:

    8-14 and 19-25

    May 1st  

    Submit Section #5 Work

    Both options

    Day 9

    B:  4/30

    A:  5/1

    Finish any work & submit section #5

    Finish any work & submit section #5

    May 1st

    Submit Section #5 Work

    Both options

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  • At home learning assignments for March 16th – April 3rd

    We will be using the Chemistry Matters website from Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) and PBS. The link to the website is  You can also access the same topics using your Chemistry textbook from your class.

    The Quarter 3 Test will be given via the Quia website and can be accessed with the link attached on the teacher webpage just like the other Quia Quizzes you have taken this year. You will have 3 attempts and the link will close on March 23rd.

    GPB Chemistry Matters Assignments

    Each Unit is subdivided into Segment Topics. Each Segment has a video that you will need to watch before attempting the assignment. All assignments can be downloaded from the GPB website.

    To access the Video Lesson click the segment topic beside the Unit. Under the video for each segment you will see a section called “Support Materials.” Click “Tool Kit” under the “Support Materials” and you will find the worksheets listed and available for download. A folder with the same worksheets will be available on your teachers webpage in the same area would normally access class materials. Also a hardcopy of the assignments will be available for you to pick up at the school.

    GPB Chemistry Mattes topics, videos, and assignments


    GPB Chemistry Matters Unit Title

    Segment Title

    Tool Kit Assignments

    Day 1


    Unit 5 Chemical Reactions

    Segment A: Balancing Equations

    Unit 5A Segment Questions

    Day 2


    Segment B: Types of Reactions

    Unit 5B Segment Questions

    Day 3


    Unit 6 The Mole and Stoichiometry

    Segment A: Dimensional Analysis

    Unit 6A Segment Questions

    Day 4

    Segment B: The Mole

    Unit 6B Practice Problems II Molar Mass

    Day 5

    Segment C: Percent Composition and Empirical Formulas

    Unit 6C Percent Composition and Empirical Formulas Practice I

    Day 6

    Unit 6C Molecular Formulas Practice I

    Day 7

    Segment D: Stoichiometric Calculations

    Unit 6D Practice Problems 1- Mass to Mass Calculations

    Day 8

    Unit 6D Practice Problems 2- Mole to Mole and Mole to Mass Calculations

    Day 9

    Unit 9 Kinetics and Gases

    Segment D: Kinetic Molecular Theory

    Unit 9D Segment Questions

    Day 10


    Segment E: Ideal Gas Law

    Unit 9E Segment Questions


    Chemistry Quarter 3 Test

    The link to the Quarter 3 Test on Quia will be active in a few days. A copy of the actual Quarter 3 Test will be placed on the teacher webpage where you would normally access class materials. Just like the Quarter 3 Quia, you will need the test complete the Quia online. When you access the Quia link for the Quarter 3 Test you will NOT see the actual questions. You will see…

    1. What is your answer to question #1
      1. A
      2. B
      3. C
      4. D

    Use your answers from the Quarter 3 Test you downloaded from the teacher webpage to complete the online Quia test. This will still count as a Major Assessment Test grade and can replace your lowest test grade from Quarter 3. The Quia link for the Quarter 3 Test will close on March 23rd.

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