A letter from our Director




    Dear Parents,

    I would like to take a moment to thank you for your flexibility while enduring the pandemic with our program. Throughout the year our Extended Day team has been dedicated and willing to work as we explored various schedules to accommodate the needs of parents and students.

    Thank you for trusting in our ability to find new ways to provide the best care for your child. Our 2021-2022 Extended Day program will return to rotations while social distancing as we have done in the past. We look forward to making new friends and seeing you all in person! We recognize you as your child’s first teacher and hope to work together in providing extracurricular activities that meet the developmental and recreational needs of your child.

    Our daily routine will be organized in the following way, staffing 15 to 1. Students will rotate to various areas by grade level for: games and social time, PE activities, arts and crafts, homework and reading quiet time, recess, and snack time. We encourage students to be “dressed for a mess” in comfortable seasonal attire. Gym shoes are appropriate for our activities.

    There is a light ahead and we look forward to a “farmtastic” school year!


    Warmest regards and my best,                       

    Kathy Bishop         




Our Mission:

  • To provide care in a nurturing and safe environment that supports students as learners.

    Extended Day is open to children from 5K to 5th grade.