DMS Counseling Team                      

    DMS Counseling Department Mission Statement: To provide direct and in-direct services in person and virtually that enable students to realize their full potential emotionally, socially and academically. 

    DMS Counseling Vision Statement: To empower all students to reach their maximum potential by using the ASCA model and Social Emotional Mental Health Support platforms to provide academic, personal/social and career goals. 

    • Supporting Your Children at Home During the COVID-19 Outbreak 

      The American School Counseling Association encourages parents 

      - To Limit Your Child's Exposure to Media

      - Provide a Calming Presence as Needed

      - Help Children Address their Fears

      Additionally, we encourage all Parents to:

      - Monitor your Child's Social Media (if applicable)

      - Limit and Monitor what they are watching on TV, Movies, Video Games. 


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