ECONOMICS with Mr. Snow

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  • C.P. & Honors Econ S1

    Units Four & Five, or Unit 45

    Units four and five will run together. They will cover globalization, the movement toward a more integrated and interdependent world economy, and the development of modern banking. Students will explore balance of trade, absolute v. comparative advantage, the challenges, benefits, and arguments against interdependence, global institutions that promote trade, currency, credit, interest rates, loans, mortgages, the Federal Reserve System, and deposit insurance. The units will begin Monday, October 14 and end Tuesday, November 5.


    AP Microeconomics

    Unit Two: Supply and Demand

    This unit will provide the basis for understanding how markets work by introducing the supply and demand model. Students will build on the concepts of scarcity and choice that were introduced in the first unit and explore the factors that influence consumer and producer behavior. They will learn how the interaction of consumers and producers in competitive markets determines market prices and results in the most efficient allocation of scarce resources. At the end of the unit, students will also begin exploring the effects of government policy on market outcomes, laying the groundwork for additional analysis in the last unit of the course. Unit two will begin Tuesday, October 1 and end Friday, October 18.

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