Hey there!
    I have placed all documents necessary, both instructions and assignments, in the following locations:
    • Microsoft Teams - this is the best way to stay in communication with me throughout our distance learning period
    • OneNote - In the "Coronavirus E-Learning" Section
    • PowerSchool - In the assignment labeled "Distance Learning Packet"



    To access both Teams and OneNote, you simply need to log in to your Office 365 account at www.portal.office.com

    • To log in, your username is PowerSchoolUsername@dorchester2.k12.sc.us. 
    • Your password is your PowerSchool password

    Once you are set up, I recommend downloading the apps to your phone and turning on notifications, as Teams is how I will be sending messages and information to you.



    Like your teachers from your other classes, I am available to you each weekday for office hours as follows:
    • 10am-11am
    • 2pm-3pm

    Basically this means that I am available to you for messaging through Teams or email and receiving responses right away during these times. That said, please feel free to message or email any time and I will try to get to you quickly any time, anyway. I want you all to feel comfortable asking questions or discussing whatever topics need discussing in order for you to feel supported, even though we have to do this virtually.  

    As for how I prefer you to contact me, Teams is the way to go to keep everything streamlined, but if email is your thing, I’ll still talk to you. ;)

    Be well, be healthy, and stay safe,

    Mr. O