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Alexis Mayer

     Welcome students and families, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you just a bit about myself. I was born in Southern California and was then raised in Las Vegas. After leaving Las Vegas I lived in several places, including Sacramento, CA; Tampa, FL; and Hartford, CT. My family and I moved to Summerville, SC in 2012 and have found a welcoming home in the heart and soul of the South. That family consists of two wonderful children, my son was born in 2006 and my daughter in 2009. I have been incredibly fortunate that they get along so well. Their personalities are so entirely different, yet they work well together. They will always be my proudest achievement, they have taught me much, including patience, understanding, acceptance, and most importantly unconditional love. I hold two Bachelors of Arts degrees. The first is in Business Administration from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. The second is a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ashford University, in English with an emphasis in Linguistics and Literacy. I graduated both programs Summa Cum Laude. I began working for a major airline fresh out of my years at UNLV. There, I held many positions, but the one I loved most was the position of Supervisor of Federal Training and Education. I knew then that I was meant to be a teacher. Despite knowing that I loved teaching, I knew that I needed to teach a subject that was dear to me. Therefore, I went back to school and earned my English degree with the hope and intent of teaching children to love language and literature as I do. 

  •      The Academic Core Extension class is an adaptive course that will change direction and intention as the students demonstrate skills that are in need of attention in their core classes. It is, therefore, challenging to define exactly what topics will be covered and when in the calendar they will be assigned. The ACE class serves as an additional source of practice and instruction and we closely mirror the timeline presented by the Core teachers.

    For the 7th Grade ELA/ACE course the students will receive a daily writing prompt in an effort to advance their time spent constructing and expanding upon their writing ability. The students will respond to these writing prompts in ever-increasing amounts. Beginning at a very modest 3 sentences, building each quarter and ending the year with 7 sentences for each written response.


    In addition to the writing portion of the class, each student will spend approximately 25 minutes every class period working on an individualized learning path through the Edmentum, Exact Path tool. Each student will be expected to complete 60 minutes of active progress during each 5 class grading cycles. This takes into consideration, the amount of time to log in as well as any additional time necessary to readdress assignments. 


    I am excited to prepare the students for the exciting year ahead of them.