• Assignment for March 16-March 31

    6th , 7th , 8th grade Art classes -Mrs. Judy

    Elements of Art

    Line- is a mark that has length and direction.

    Shape- A flat, enclosed area that has 2-D, length and width.

    Color- What the eye sees when light is reflected off an object.

    Value- How light or dark a color is.

    Form- A 3-D object

    Texture- The way a surface looks or feels.

    Space- The area in, out, and around, an object.


    Please complete any 6 of the following projects:

    Project 1: Please select one of the definitions above and look around your home. Spend 15 minutes and draw a picture with pencil, of an object that shows that element. (ex: look around your home and find something that has lines and sketch it) label the element you chose on the back.

    Project 2: For 15 minutes, choose a different element and draw it in pencil. Label the element.

    Project 3: Draw an object for 15 minutes in pencil that shows 2 or more elements. (ex: brick on the outside of a house, line, texture, shape) Label the elements

    Project 4: Draw an object for 15 minutes in pencil that shows 3 or more elements, please label the elements.

    Project 5: Spend 15 minutes and draw your shoe in pencil. Make it as life-sized as possible. Add details and textures of different parts of shoe. List all elements

    Project 6: Use a mirror and draw your own eyes for 15 minutes. Be realistic, look closely at how your eyes are shaped, what do your lashes look like etc.

    Project 7: For 5 minutes draw your relaxed hand (palm side) . Use pencil, make it life-sized. Look at how long your fingers are, notice the tiny lines in your palm. Is there any Value (shading) or texture (bumps, or wrinkles)?

    Project 8: For 15 minutes choose a colorful object and sketch it in pencil, and then add color to it. Identify the elements you included, on the back of the paper.

    Project 9: For 15 minutes, draw a picture of yourself in pencil. Add lots of details, what are you wearing, what are you doing. Where are you? Include as many elements as you can. Label the elements on the back of the paper.

    Project 10: Walk outside and look for a plant or a tree that has leaves. Take a seat and draw the details of the plant for 15 minutes. What is the shape of the leaves? Does it have stems, or a big trunk. What directions do the stems, branches reach? Are there flowers? Add texture to the leaves, or stem/trunk. Identify and list on the back of the paper, which elements do you see?

    Please keep your 5 projects together, I will collect them from you when we return to school.

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Mrs. Deborah Judy

I attended Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti Michigan, I earned a BFA, with a major in Metals, and minors in Art History and Life Drawing.

I have been the Art teacher at OMS for 19 years.