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Degrees and Certifications:

BA Dance Education K-12 Certified

Mrs. Kogan

I am excited to begin my seventh year teaching at Summerville High School.  I grew up New Jersey and danced in studios elementary through high school.  Upon graduating high school, I knew I wanted to continue with my dance education.  I moved to New York City, and received my bachelors from CUNY Hunter College as a Dance Education major.  I stayed in NYC for a year following my graduation, but decided it was time for a change. In 2012, I moved to Charleston, SC and started working for DD2. I currently live in West Ashley with my husband and my two dogs, Ellie and Rigby!

My Donors Choose

  • Distance Learning Assignment

    Dance 3/16-3/31

    Dancers can choose from one of the following assignments, one is internet based, and one you do not need internet access to create.


    Assignment 1: Learn 2 combinations via CLI per week missing from school. (4 combination for out of school 2 weeks)


    ·       CLI Studios:  Use the link to sign in to CLI and make a student account.  Once you have set up your account you have access to multiple classes in every style of dance. 

    -      Must take a class that teaches a dance

    -      You must film yourself performing the final choreography and upload and share via OneDrive.







    Assignment 2: Poem Choreography Project (covers 10 days not in school)

    Poem/Lyric Analysis

    1-      Find a poem

    2-      Determine what the poem means

    3-      Create choreography inspired by the words/meaning of the poem

    4-      Video yourself and upload to OneDrive ( (


    -          Look for key words, movements that may happen.

    -          The first time you read through a poem, record any “gut reactions” you have to the poem: any emotional connections you have with what the author is saying, reminders of personal detailed experiences, things you like or dislike, or things you like to share with others.

    -          Record any allusions you recognize, references to symbols, etc. Think in terms of, “What could this stand for? Why?”

    -          Pay attention to the kinds of emotions the poem relates to. Often a poet's goal will be simply to help readers feel a certain way or sense the reality of an imagined scene.

    Choreography must include:

    Must be at least 4 8-counts long.

    BEGINNING- Express to the viewer what your poem is about.  Maybe include facial expressions, body shapes or poses, something to grab the viewer’s attention.

    MIDDLE- Incorporate some technique learned in class (plie, piques, passes, leaps etc..)

    ENDING- Some kind of closure.  Show the viewer you are done dancing. 

    Follow these steps:

    1.       What is your GUT reaction???

    Sad, happy, angry, remind you of someone…


    2.       Underline movements words

    Reach, shine, drop, fall, bounce…


    3.       What type of writing is your poem/lyric?

    a.       Question- curious, anxious, nervous, confused..

    b.       Exclamation- excited, angry, upset..

    c.       Rhyming- repetition, opposition..

    d.       Statement- factual vs opinion


    4.       Look at your poem/ lyric

    theme, main idea…

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