• The cafeteria at Givhans serves breakfast and lunch daily.  A “No Charging” policy is strictly enforced in the cafeteria and applies to items available as extra sales.   

    Because we participate in a specialized feeding program, all students are provided meals free of charge.


    Teachers, administrators, cafeteria personnel, and school resource officers supervise students in the cafeteria.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times while in the cafeteria.  Students are expected to clean behind themselves before leaving the cafeteria.   


    General Rules

    1. If a student desires to purchase extra sales items, he/she must get in line.  Students will go through the line one time.   

    2. Students must be seated in the cafeteria while they are having breakfast and/or lunch.

    3. There will be no running, shoving, or pushing in the cafeteria.

    4. After eating, each student should place his/her empty tray in its proper place and, in the proper manner, dispose of all trash.

    5. Food and/or drink may not be taken out of the cafeteria.

    6. During the designated breakfast/lunch period, students will sit at their assigned tables. Students may not leave the cafeteria alone or without their teacher’s permission. 


    Failure to follow cafeteria rules or failure to clean the area before leaving may result in assignment to cafeteria clean-up detail and assigned seating.


    Students may bring lunch from home.  They may not bring screw cap bottles on which the seal has been previously broken.