• This link will take you to the Dorchester District 2 Bus Transportation webpage.

    The phone number for Transportation is 843-873-6196

  • Transportation to Givhans will be provided.  Students are not allowed to drive to school.  In the operation of buses, our first concern is safety.  Good behavior of the students transported is necessary for safe operations.  All rules and regulations regarding transportation as set forth by Dorchester School District Two Board of Trustees are in effect.


    District Two believes that the student day begins as students board the bus.  Good discipline on school buses requires the cooperation of both the students and their parents.  Therefore, we earnestly request that parents remind their children of the importance of following the established rules of behavior (as listed below) while on the bus and to heed the instructions of the bus driver.


    Transportation is a privilege that may be suspended or revoked when, in the judgment of school officials, the misconduct is serious enough to justify such action.  Failure to adhere to established rules and regulations may result in transportation privileges being suspended or revoked.