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    Below is the list of the positions that we will be filling for our WRES PTA Board with position responsibilities. 


    • Chair all meetings of the PTA board and general PTA meetings
    • Attend PTA trainings and represent the PTA unit at school district meetings
    • Develop a calendar including dates of specific events.  Include deadlines for reports, elections, awards applications and local, state, and national meetings.
    • Plan with the principal and PTA board the goals for the work of the PTA and the programs for the coming school year.
    • Lead the operations of the PTA unit in conjunction with the board

    Vice President: (Can have two – Vice and Second Vice Pres.)

    • Performing specific duties as provided for in bylaws (such as programs, membership, fundraising, etc.)
    • Assuming responsibility for duties as provided for in the bylaws
    • Representing the president in his/her absence or upon request at meetings, events


    • Records minutes of PTA meetings, with special attention given to motions and action taken
    • Maintains the records of the organization
    • Sends out notices of meetings and other correspondence


    • Maintains the financial records of the organization in accordance with PTA financial guidelines and the IRS
    • Presents monthly financial reports of income and expenditures at all board meeting
    • Manages the collecting and depositing funds of the PTA
    • Prepares the budget with the president and other board members
    • Writes checks for expenditures in accordance with the budget and approval of the board
    • Oversees the year-end audit of the PTA account


    2020-2021 PTA Board

    President - Summer Peacher

    Vice President - Candace Howze

    Treasurer - Kathryn LaCoss

    Secretary - Allysa Browning

    Membership Coordinator - Cynthia Kozey

    Reflections Chair - Sarah Carroll

    Special Committees Coordinator- Jennifer DeCosta

    Special Committees Coordinator - Fallon Lawson

    Special Committees Coordinator - Rochelle Saxon


    Heather Watts contact information: hwatts@dorchester2.k12.sc.us or 843-695-2450