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  • What does it mean to be a Title I school?


    Title I is the nation's largest federal assistance program for schools. The goal is to enable schools to provide opportunities for children to aquire the knowledge and skills contained in the challenging state standards and to meet the challenging state performance standards developed for all children. Schools that have at least 40% of their student population receiving free/reduced meals are classified as "School-Wide" Title I Schools. Since we are "School-Wide" our Title Funds can be used to help all of our students, not just those receiving free/reduced meals. At William Reeves Elementary, we have a title one plan that provides additional literacy teachers and math teachers, programs that supplement the core instruction, professional development for teachers and additional resources that support ELA and math instruction. 

  • RES Title I Goals

    At Reeves we strive to accomplish our Title I goals by:
    1. Using strategies and programs proven by research
    2. Literacy Model, Math Model, Best Practices
    3. Set goals for improvement
    4. Benchmark goals, Reading goals, Behavior goals
    5. Measure student progress using criteria set in the state’s Title I Plan
    6. Benchmark data, Dibels, DRAs
    7. Ensuring that teachers are well trained and highly qualified to teach
    8. Provide on-going staff and professional development to all faculty and staff members
    9. Involve parents in all aspects of the program
    10. School Improvement Committee, Title I Committee,  Parenting information and workshops sessions 


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