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    The 100 Book Club is available to all RES students. Read 100 books or 100 chapters, record the titles and have your parents initial your reading log. When you record all 100 books/chapters, bring your reading log to Ms. Lindsay. You will then receive a certificate, a lollipop, and a free book. We will take your picture and put it on our bulletin board. The club doesn't stop at 100, though. You can progress all the way to the 1,000 Book Club or Above and Beyond! Your name will be engraved on our plaque if you reach 1,000 books! Want to be an Above and Beyond reader? Keep reading past 1,000 books or chapters, and your name will be engraved on the Above and Beyond plaque! These plaques hang outside the media center for all to see!

    Overdrive is our district's online library. Click on the link to visit.

    Don't forget to visit the Dorchester County Library for great books, too! Click on the link to visit.

    The RES catalog is the way to find out if RES has a particular book you might be looking for. Click on the link to find our catalog.