• Welcome to Alston Middle!  Here you will find all of the things that you need to know on becoming an Alston tiger.

    Student Schedules:

    Once enrolled, students will fill their day with 5 core academic classes, one art core, and one elective. Most students’ schedules will consist of a core English language arts, math, science, social studies, and academic core enrichment (ACE) class.  Students will choose an art core which they will remain in for each year that they’re at AMS.  Art core choices include art, band, dance, orchestra, piano, theater and vocal.  8th grade students have an option to receive high school credit in their art core.  8th grade students who qualify for English I, Algebra, and Geometry courses will also receive high school credit. Students will also pick an elective that may change from year to year.  These include guitar, Spanish, IT Fundamentals, and STEM.  Students are required to take physical education for a semester every year they are at AMS.  

    Students may also receive academic interventions to help each student become successful.  Students are placed in these interventions by student assessments, observations, and collaboration between all stakeholders.

    House System:

    Students are assigned to a House as soon as they enroll at AMS. Each student is then assigned a den leader in their house.  They will be in this den and house throughout the years they are in middle school.  Dens meet every Wednesday.  Twice a month, students will meet with their den and do teambuilding activities or seasonal lessons.  Once a month, the students will meet as a whole house in the gym to build comradery within the house.  The last Wednesday of each month, all of the houses will meet in the gym to compete against one another for house points. 

    Teachers will hand students collect House Cards throughout the year when they see students practicing respect, responsibility, and safety.  Students can then use these cards to buy things from the school store or other incentives.  Students are also able to turn them into their house and gain points for their specific Houses.  Teachers and students can earn other house points by going to school events or donating to the many different philanthropy events. Use this link to see more about the House System:

    More Information on our House System

    Student Extracurricular Activities: