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    Mission: The mission of Oakbrook Middle School's counseling program is to provide services that meet the changing needs of our student population and to encourage students to be respectful, productive, life-long learners and problem solvers within a global society.

    Vision: Oakbrook Middle School's students are high-achieving learners, who graduate well prepared to impact communities by being college and career ready, eager to embrace diversity, and with a high regard for humanity.


    Counseling Needs Assessment Survey

    Will return at the end of the year.

Peer Mediation

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    Oakbrook Middle School Eagles have the opportunity to serve their school community by acting as a peer mediators.  Oakbrook School Counselors work in unison with peer mediators to coordinate and schedule mediation events, highlighting the importance of resolving conflicts effectively by responding to unhealthy or unresolved conflicts.  This program supports our mission and vision by teaching students to be creative, life-long problem solvers.  They are encouraged to use exceptional creativity, social skills, and compassion when solving the social problems brought forth by our school community. 

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