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Welcome to the DDTwo Transportation Department. We are grateful for your flexibility as we continue to safely transport your children and work to limit transportation delays.

Summer Bus Route Info Available on Ride My Ride K-12 App

The official source of bus information for your children is via the My Ride K-12 app The app takes information from our routing system, which gets updated daily. It will show you the bus run name, bus stop location and bus stop time for each run to which your child is assigned. The SC Department of Education requires use of the routing system and the associated parent app, My Ride K-12, is required for school bus service.  See information below to sign up and use My Ride K-12.

Process to PIckup Students at the Bus Stop

For the Summer Programs, there are not specific requirements for parents at the bus stop.

Please check back again during the summer for the changes for pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade students starting in the 2024-2025 school year.

NEW: Student ID Cards and School Bus Passes

A critical component of My Ride K-12 is students using their school-issued ID cards as bus passes. The system has an ID card scanner that will log the time and location when and where your student loads and unloads from the bus.  We introduced this system last year part way into the school year and learned the value and importance of this feature for parents and the school district.

Please ensure your student has the ID card each day and explain the need to scan on and off the bus each time. You'll be able to see these scans on your My Ride K-12 app and can even set the app to notify you of the scan. 

My Ride K-12 Information for School Bus Service & Student Tracking

Last year, the South Carolina Department of Education implemented a new transportation management system called Traversa. Each school district is required to use it to build bus routes and parents are required to sign up in order to receive school bus service. Signing up is simple either by downloading the bus tracking app or by going to this sight on your phone or computer to register: 

Please also be advised the online registration system for the main school year will ask you about your transportation plans for school. If there is any time you plan to use school bus service, whether it's your primary plan or not, please select the options for school bus. This will automatically code PowerSchool correctly and ensure your child is properly matched to a bus route.

My Ride K-12 App (formerly Ride 360)

If you missed it, the new My Ride K-12 app for tracking your student's bus movements activated April 1, 2024. This app brings several improvements and benefits over the previous app to enhance your experience:

  1. Better Bus Tracking: My Ride K-12 provides more accurate and real-time bus tracking for the most up-to-date information about your student's bus location.
  2. Improved Message Center: All messages related to your student's bus transportation will be saved in the My Ride K-12 message center, making it easier for you to access important notifications.

If you had the old Ride 360 app, transitioning to My Ride K-12 is easy. Simply download the My Ride K-12 app and log in using your existing Ride 360 credentials.

Even if you haven't transitioned to My Ride K-12, you shouldn't not lose any data. Click the links below for more information.

My Ride K-12 Parent User Guides

Additional information about the new app can be found on the Company website by clicking The button below

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