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Welcome to the DDTwo Transportation Department. We are grateful for your flexibility as we continue to safely transport your children and work to limit transportation delays.

Bus Route Info Available on Ride 360 App

We have resolved many of the issues associated with the app. The app takes information from our routing system, which gets updated daily. Therefore, the official source of bus information for your children is via the Ride 360 app. It will show you the bus number, bus stop location and bus stop time for each run to which your child is assigned. The SC Department of Education requires use of the routing system and the associated parent app is Ride 360. We realize there are issues with the app and have been informed an updated app should be available in the near future. Please bear with us as we work through the issues. For most of you, the app should be functioning as a source of bus information and bus tracking with estimated time of arrival. Please standby for more detail on using the app as we learn more about its function. 

Please note the published schedules have been removed as they are obsolete almost as soon as they're published due to the many changes occurring daily. You will need to download the app to get bus schedule information going forward.

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