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 What is Gateway?
Gateway is a challenging 15-day program for artistically talented students in grades 3 through 5. It is held on five Saturdays throughout the school year and two weeks in June. Students are served in the areas of creative writing, dance, theatre arts, visual art, vocal music, instrumental music. 



2023-24 Program Dates     

All Program dates will be held at Rollings Middle School for the Arts (1635 Beech Hill Rd, Summerville, SC 29485)

Super Saturday Dates: October 28, December 2, March 2, April 20, May 11 

Summer Program: June 10-21, 2024 

Program Hours: 8:30am-3:00pm


Who may audition?                                                                                                                                                                                                        ALL students in grades 3 through 5 who currently reside in Dorchester School District Two attendance area may audition. The next auditions will be held September 16, 2023 at Rollings Middle School of the Arts. 

Attendance Policy 
Each student chosen for the program must make a commitment to attend all fifteen program days and participate in the Saturday, June 22, 2024, Festival. (Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the program.) It is imperative that each family makes a commitment to attending each session.

 The following guidelines have been adopted for unexcused absences from the program: 

  • Any absence will be considered unexcused without notice and / or communication with the fine arts department. 
  • 2 Unexcused absences will result in a student being dropped from the program. Another student will be notified of the opening and it will be filled at the following session.
  • We are unable to provide refunds if a student does not complete the program. 

Students who are accepted will be asked to pay a $150.00 fee for materials and resources.  Full payment of fees will be due in November 2023.  If you have financial hardship, please contact the GFAC at 843-832-5532. No student will be turned away for inability to pay fees.

 Scholarships are available. Fees are non-refundable

Audition Information
Auditions will be held September 16, 2023 at Rollings Middle School of the Arts. 

A panel of judges in each area will conduct the auditions. Students should prepare the following for their audition:

  • Creative Writing: Bring 3 different, one-page samples of your best writing to the audition. These may be typed or handwritten. During the audition, you will be asked to write a piece. Your writing will be evaluated on creativity, organization, and details.
  • Dance: You will be asked to execute simple rhythmic steps and follow certain patterns. Please wear gym clothes. You will audition barefoot.
  • Theatre Arts: Prepare a one-minute comedic or dramatic monologue (a memorized dialogue from a play, TV show, or movie). You will also be asked to participate in improvisational activities during the audition.
  • Visual Art: You will be asked to draw several items during the audition (materials will be provided). NO portfolio is required. 
  • Vocal Music: Be prepared to sing the first verse of America (My Country 'Tis of Thee). You will also be asked to demonstrate knowledge of pitch, rhythm, and to sing in harmony.
  • Instrumental Music: You will be asked to demonstrate knowledge of pitch, echo rhythmic patterns, and be tested for eye-hand coordination. You do not need to play an instrument. 

Helpful Links

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