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The Office of Assessment and Data Analytics 1) ensures that Dorchester School District Two complies with all state and federal accountability mandates related to the SC Report Card, 2) tracks district and school progress towards district and school level goals, 3) provides data analytics to guide instructional decisions and drive program development,  4) maintains and secures student data, and 5) provides stakeholders with the latest information regarding the student assessments administered in our district.

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Elements of Data Analytics

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State-mandated and formative assessments are foundational to all aspects of education. Learn more about the various assessments used to drive educational decisions.

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PowerSchool is a cloud-based student information system used to power school operations including  grades, assignments, scores, attendance, schedules, school bulletins, and other key school functions. 

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Data Reporting

This component of our office delivers the South Carolina Department of Education accurate and reliable data to enable well-informed decisions related to policy, practice, and accountability.  Additionally, it provides district stakeholders with key points of information to empower them to make informed decisions for our students.

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Actionable Data

Actionable Data provides teachers and administrators with timely formative and summative data to assist them in making well-informed curricular and instructional decisions.   

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