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The district’s school counseling program is comprehensive in scope, preventive in design, developmental in nature and supports the school district’s curriculum and instructional programs.  

Our school counselors use the skills of leadership, advocacy and collaboration to promote change as appropriate.  The program’s design and delivery are intended to, but not limited to

  • use data-informed decision-making;
  • systematically support all students;
  • include developmentally appropriately activities focused on the college and career readiness of students as it relates to the Profile of the SC Graduate in the areas of academics, careers and behavioral/personal health;
  • close achievement and opportunity gaps; and
  • result in improved student achievement, attendance, and discipline.
Assess, Deliver, Define, Manage, Academics, Tier 1,, Tier 2, Tier 3, Academics, Careers, Behavioral/Personal Health

School counselors within Dorchester Two, align their school counseling program with the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) by providing direct and indirect student services through:

  • Tier One Supports: interventions in the form of classroom instruction and schoolwide programming and initiatives;
  • Tier Two Supports: interventions including small-group and individual counseling, consultation and collaboration with school personnel, families and community stakeholders
  • Tier Three Supports: indirect student support services through consultation and facilitation of referrals.

The School Counseling Department within each school has state-certified, highly skilled professionals who possess a minimum of a Master’s degree or higher in School Counseling. Their primary purpose is to assist students in removing barriers to academic success.

Therefore, counselors must connect and collaborate with individuals within and outside of the school to support a positive school climate. Each school is required to establish a School Counseling Advisory Council and publish School Counseling School-Wide Instruction and Programming on their school counseling’s webpage to inform stakeholder groups on the program’s goals and/or activities.  

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Counselors of the Year

Group photo of 5 people celebrating award

Part of my role is to help students to see their worth and help them to see success is attainable. In my role, I help students realize it is never too late to finish their education.” 
Tonya Hall, College & Career Navigator from Dorchester County Adult Education

Group photo of 9 people celebrating award

I want to bring hope to the hopeless, joy to the joyless, and a sense that you can and will make it no matter what. I believe in helping students to reach their full potential and to believe in themselves.”
Tonya Wilson, School Counselor from Gregg Middle School