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Human Services

Human Services/Family and Consumer Sciences workers help people manage the many mental, emotional, and practical demands of everyday life, such as managing finances, finding a home, securing child care, preparing for postsecondary education, deciding on a career, entrepreneurship, etc.  

They help people deal with the unexpected, such as terminal illness, natural disasters, or addiction and recovery. Work in this area can also involve physical improvements and needs, such as helping someone achieve weight loss or providing massage therapy for health and relaxation.

Middle school (6-8 grade) Family and Consumer Sciences students focus on basic skills, thinking skills, and personal qualities. Skill development in the courses are taught through project-based learning strategies that can be applied to real life situations, immediately. The seventh and eighth grade students have opportunities to take high school Family and Consumer Sciences courses for high school credit. Students have opportunities to experience work-based learning and earn certifications.

Human Services/Family and Consumer Sciences prepares learners for postsecondary credentials and careers in occupations that support the everyday functioning of society and individual well-being. Regardless of the specific area in which they work, all Human Services/Family and Consumer Sciences programs/courses share a genuine interest in helping people.
Source: South Carolina Department of Education