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DD2 Voters Approve Bond Referendum

Dorchester county voters overwhelmingly supported a two hundred million dollar bond referendum in the May 14th Special Election, with 76% voting in favor and 24% against the measure, according to Dorchester School District Two officials.

The approved $200 million referendum will fund a comprehensive list of projects, including crucial security and safety upgrades across all facilities, the construction of two new elementary schools, and various renovations and additions to existing schools.

The referendum's success underscores the community's commitment to investing in education and ensuring a safe, modern learning environment for Dorchester School District Two students.

“Honestly, the real work starts now. We have a serious obligation to make sure that we spend this money in a manner that our community is going to be proud of and make room for the students that are moving into our community,” said DD2 Superintendent Dr. Shane Robbins after the results came in.

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