• AP English: Literature and Composition

    English Literature and Composition is designed to adhere to the mission of the College Board, which is to provide high school students with an educational experience equivalent to one college level English course.  This course will provide students with the intellectual challenges and workload consistent with a typical undergraduate English literature/Humanities course, preparing students for their educational journeys ahead. As a culmination of the course, you will take the AP English Literature and Composition Exam. A student who earns a grade of 3 or above on the exam will be granted college credit at most colleges and universities throughout the United States.

    The College Board has made changes to the 2020 AP Literature and Composition Exam. The exam will consist only of the essay questions and will not contain multiple choice questions. The exam is being redesigned so that it can be taken remotely. The updated exam dates have not yet been released for Literature and Composition, but I will post them when they are released.