What is JROTC?

  • Whats It All About?
    Do you want to make your high school years more exiting and fun? Well here's your chance to do just that by joining the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) where you explore the intriguing world of civilian, industrial and military science and have an opportunity to sharpen your leadership skills. Discover the rich history of the Naval Service and scientific aspects of tomorrow's naval technology, while at the same time honing your leadership potential. 

    Whats In It For Me?
    Enrollment in NJROTC does not require you to pursue a military obligation and is not tied to an accessions or recruting program. It provides tools for success after high school regardless of a chosen career path. However, there are benefits available for students wishing to pursue a military avenue. After graduation from high as an NJROTC cadet, you will be better prepared to prsue a college education through the NJROTC program in either a technical or non-technical major. Membership in Navy JROTC helps cadets build a solid background for ROTC scholarship applications available at colleges and universities across the country.Depending on how long you belong to an NJROTC unit, you may be eligible to waive one year of the NJROTC program while in college. If your gola is to apply a military service academy, there are avenues within the NJROTC program that will help you achieve this goal. With all other factors being equal such as grades, SAT scores, community involvement, etc., your NJROTC experence provides a competitive edge over the rest of the applicants. If going to college right after high school graduation is not for you, you may want to pursue a military career. If you complete two or three years in NJROTC, you are entitled to enter the military one to two grades higher than other enlistees.

    Tell Me More
    During your time in NJROTC, you'll study the heritage and development of the Ubited States Navy and the United States Marine Corps.You'll learn about the environment in which naval forces operate. You'll develop an understanding of the naval community and its missions, goals, and benefits. Most imporantly, cadets have opportunities to take on command positions ans exercise leadership skills. NJROTC also has a myriad of extracurricular events and competitions such as marksmanship, drill team close order drill, summer training and in some locations, sailing instructions. Leadership is emphasized each year, and the coursework prepares cadets for positions in any military or civilian career. Classes cover military customs and courtesies, flag etiquette, instruction in marching for parades and ceremonies, rifle, drill, study habits, time management, first aid, communication skills, personnel counseling and fundamentals of financial planning, and personal and stress management. Studies will also include a revies of exciting careers in the Navy. HONOR, COURAGE, COMMITMENT. 

    Your Naval Science Instructor arranges field trips to naval stations, ships, military bases, advanced science facilities, museums, weather service offices, and other areas related to military education. Participants in the color guard drill team perform at athletic events and other school and civic activities. The NJROTC unit also sponsors dances and military balls for cadets.

    Am I Eligible?
    If you are preparing to enter high school or currently in high school, a U.S. citizen, and you are physically fit, then you should consider joining this privileged team. Talk it over with friends, parent, and school adviser. See your Naval Science Instructor for the latest information. The future is full of civilian and military opportunities for young people who are willing to put forth the effort to improve their education and develop skills required to succeed in our technologically advance age, so enroll now.