• School menus on all levels are created to not only taste great but to offer healthy and nutritious options to all students. Following nutritional regulations and guidelines set by both the USDA and the SC State Department of Education, each menu item is nutritionally analyzed to ensure that it meets all criteria.

    Dorchester District Two Food Services strives to offer the healthiest options, while also providing meals that students will enjoy. Due to the ever-changing dynamics of operating during a pandemic, there is no denying that dining at school looks different this year. However, we are committed to providing balanced and nutritious meals for our students, despite all odds. For more information about the meals provided, please visit the SodexoMyWay website. Here you can access the different menus for elementary schoolsmiddle schools, and high schools.  

  • Menu Components

    Five required food components must be offered daily: meat/meat alternate fruit vegetable grain/grain equivalent milk Normally, students have multiple choices to meet these requirements and a selection of at least three of the five components, including fruit or vegetable, must be taken for the school to receive federal reimbursement for each meal. In light of the pandemic, students are provided all 5 components with each meal.

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  • A'la Carte Items

    A’la Carte items are additional food items that are sold at individual prices as an addition to or an alternative to the meal. This includes food items such as specialty sandwiches, chips, frozen yogurt, ice cream, and beverages such as fruit drinks, and plain or flavored water. While these items are typically available at all middle and high schools and at some elementary schools, a’la carte sales are currently on hold due to the pandemic.

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Cafe Programs

  • Typically, elementary school students dine at The Clubhouse, middle school students dine at FoodiE Café and high school students enjoy options at Taste4. However, due to the pandemic, we are not able to fully run our unique café programs at this time. We remain hopeful and excited to run our normal café programs in the future

  • High School

    Branding is power. Branding creates a recognizable and memorable image for a product, and a personality that makes the product more desirable and, eventually, more successful. Branding also creates a sense of confidence among customers. When applied consistently and uniformly, it lets customers know what to expect, which helps build brand loyalty and repeat business. That’s what makes our Taste4 brand a stand-out program for high school students. With a demand for recognizable branding of good quality products Taste4 delivers! With plenty of options to accommodate an ever-changing environment, Taste4 is sure to please. ​

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  • Middle School

    With maturity well beyond an elementary-aged student, but not quite ready to take on the world as a high school student, our middle school students are unique in their needs. With significant input from the students themselves, The FoodiE Café was designed to meet those needs. This program not only provides the food court type of service these customers expect, but we've also added a fun learning component that makes the cafeteria an extension of the classroom - something even our teachers are sure to appreciate.

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  • Elementary School

    The Clubhouse program was designed to meet the tastes and expectations of elementary-aged school children. Using research collected by both Sodexo and external research partners, we know that it is really about three things for these kids - food, friends, and fun. The elementary student sees the meal period as a break from the classroom. Satisfaction surveys indicate product selection, speed of service, and the ability to socialize with friends as the most important attributes leading to a positive meal experience. These students may be young, but they are being raised in a fast-paced culture that includes a plethora of dining experiences. Along with those experiences come much higher expectations of what constitutes acceptable food service standards. With Kid’s Way Café, we are ready to not only meet, but exceed these expectations.

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