• Health and Safety – Frequently Asked Questions

    Face Coverings

    Q: Are students and staff required to wear a face covering in school? 
    A: In general, students and staff are not required to wear a face covering in school. However, face coverings continue to be required for students and staff returning early from isolation and/or quarantine. Face coverings will be available at all schools for any student or staff member who needs one.

    Q: Can my student return to school after they had COVID19 if they cannot wear a mask? 
    A: DHEC requires that all individuals returning to school after a positive or probable case of COVID19 wear a mask for Day 6-10 of their isolation period. Students who are unable to wear a mask due to their age, developmental needs, or personal/parental choice are ineligible for reduced isolation and therefore may not return to school until Day 11. Masks must be worn properly and consistently throughout the school day and during all school-related activities and extra-curriculars.  Students who will not wear a mask at school will be sent home and required to complete remaining isolation time from home.  

    Q: Are students and staff required to wear a face covering on the bus? 
    A: No, face coverings are no longer required to be worn on school buses. 


    Mitigation Strategies

    Q: Will Plexiglass still be installed at every student desk? 
    A: At this time, Plexiglass has been removed from student desks, but Plexiglass barriers are available at each school if you would like your child to utilize one at their desk. Please contact your child’s teacher for this accommodation.  

    Q: How will social distancing be handled on buses? 
    A: Students will have assigned seats and will be social distanced to the fullest extent possible. 

    Q: Will students return to the cafeteria with regular seating for meals? 
    A: At some levels, students may return to the cafeteria. Assigned seating may be used for contact tracing.

    Q: How often will be my child’s classroom be cleaned? 
    A: All classrooms and other instructional spaces are cleaned daily by Custodial Services. In addition, teachers and students have been provided with food-grade Sanitizer that can be used on desks, high-touch surfaces, and any shared materials.  

    Q: Will I still be allowed to visit my child’s school? 
    A: Visitors will still be allowed at all schools, but an appointment will be required. Please contact your child’s school to discuss visitor information. 


    COVID19 Testing and Reporting

    Q: My student was sent home from school on COVID19 exclusion due to illness – when can they return to school? 
    A: Students on COVID19 exclusion due to symptoms can return to school with a current, negative COVID19 test result (PCR, rapid, or home test with attestation form). They can also return with a note from a healthcare provider clearing them to return or they can complete an isolation period and return to school on Day 6 from when their symptoms began with a mask through Day 10.  

    Q: I do not want to get my excluded student tested or I am unable to do so – when can they return to school?  
    A: Students excluded with COVID19-like symptom are able to return to school with a note from a healthcare provider clearing them to return or they can complete an isolation period and return to school on Day 6 from when their symptoms began with a mask through Day 10.

    Q: My student has been tested – can they attend school while we are waiting on results? 
    A: Any individual who is awaiting test results due to symptoms may not attend school or District activities in-person until proof of negative test results is received by the District. Students testing during their Day 5-7 window under the Test to Stay program may attend while results are pending. 

    Q: My student needs to be tested – can they use the District testing site? 
    A: The COVID testing site located behind Knightsville Elementary School is available to all students and staff members in DD2. At this time, only DD2 students and staff members are able to be tested at this site.  

    Q: We used the District testing site – when can we expect to see results? 
    A: Rapid tests done at the District testing site are typically resulted same day. PCR test results typically take 3-5 days, however an increase in test volume statewide has caused some lab delays and results may take longer.  

    Q: We used the District testing site, but have a problem with our results or need to report an issue – who do we contact? 
    A: DD2 offers COVID19 testing for students and staff through a DHEC-sponsored program. The testing site is housed on District property, but is run by an outside vendor (Rapid Reliable Testing). All concerns related to test results or the test site should be submitted to support@rrtesting.com.  

    Q: Will students be COVID19 tested at school? 
    A: At this time, no COVID19 testing will take place at school or by school staff. DD2 does offer testing for students at the COVID19 Test Site located behind Knightsville Elementary School, however this testing is run through an outside vendor and is not operated by District staff.  

    Q: If my student or someone in our household tests positive for COVID-19, who should I report that to? 
    A: Reporting of all COVID19 situations should be done as soon as possible using the District COVID19 Reporting Form. Students who are sick with symptoms of COVID-19 may not report to school and should wait to hear from the District for next steps.  

    Contact Tracing & Quarantine

    Q: Are close contacts required to quarantine after an exposure? 
    A: At this time, due to low COVID19 case numbers in our schools, no quarantine is required for asymptomatic close contacts. DHEC has allowed schools with no or low COVID19 activity to stop contact tracing and quarantine of close contacts. 

    Q: If a student or staff member in my child’s class tests positive, will my child need to quarantine? 
    A: At this time, because contact tracing and quarantine have been suspended, no quarantine of close contacts is required.  Q: What happens if my student develops symptoms after an exposure?

    Q: What happens if my student develops symptoms after an exposure? 
    A: Students who develop symptoms after an exposure, even if cleared to return to school, will be required to isolate. Isolation will be calculated based on symptom onset.



    Q: If my student is isolated or quarantined due to having the virus or being exposed to it, do their absences count against them? 
    A: If your child has been directed to isolate or quarantine and needs to miss in-person learning time, they are marked absent for in-school time missed, but their absences will be excused. Your child should still work with their teacher(s) to complete work at home throughout their absence.  

    Q: If my student is isolated or quarantined due to having the virus or being exposed to it, how will they continue receiving instruction? 
    A: If your child is under isolation or quarantine and unable to report to school in-person, please contact your child’s school to discuss options for continued learning. Depending on their grade level and course schedule, different methods for completing assignments may be utilized. Missed in-person instructional time will not count against your student, but class work should continue to be completed while at home.  

    Please note: This information is based on requirements at this time in accordance with guidelines from DHEC and the CDC. We will continue to monitor these recommendations and the level of disease activity to determine appropriate requirements for students as we move forward and hopefully, as conditions improve. For specific operational questions about your child’s school, please contact your School Principal.