• DDTwo Notification Process for COVID-19 Situations

    In an effort to keep our District community informed when COVID-19 situations occur in our schools or facilities and to maintain the health and safety of our students and staff, we will make necessary notifications to those impacted by these situations.

    Positive Cases
    If a student or staff member in our District tests positive for COVID-19, that person will be excluded from school for at least 10 days and will be directed to isolate, per current DHEC criteria. If the individual has been at school or work, contact tracing will begin immediately to determine any close contacts. During contact tracing, confidentiality of the positive individual will always be maintained. Once contact tracing is complete, the following notifications will occur:

    Close Contact Notification
    Individuals determined to be in close contact with a positive case during the infectious period will be contacted individually and will be excluded from school or work for a period of at least 14 days to quarantine at home and monitor themselves for symptoms. Quarantine remains a DHEC requirement for all non-vaccinated close contacts and those who are vaccinated, but symptomatic. Close contact is defined as being within 6 feet of a positive individual for 15 minutes or more. Contact tracing procedures will include a review of seating charts and cohort information and may not be possible in large group settings including, but not limited to, the cafeteria, ILT, and courtyard/recess.
    Please note: Siblings who reside with students who test positive, students who reside with District employees who test positive, and District employees whose children test positive are considered household close contacts and will be required to quarantine per current DHEC criteria.

    Exposure Notification
    If a positive case is identified, we will work with DHEC to determine other individuals who should be notified based on their level of exposure to the positive individual. This may include individuals who have been in a classroom, office, or other area of a school or facility with the positive individual and will be decided in conjunction with DHEC. Because these individuals were not in close contact with the positive individual, they may not be excluded from school or work, but will be notified that they may have been exposed and that they should be monitored for symptoms for 14 days.

    Community Notification
    All positive cases of COVID-19 are reportable to DHEC and DD2 must report all known cases of positive students and staff. The DD2 COVID19 Dashboard will be posted to the District website and updated daily. This report will confidentially include all positive cases of students and staff who are currently working or attending school in person for both learning and extra-curricular activities. It will also report information on the number of students and staff under quarantine.