Hotspot Qualifications and Pickup

  • Hotspots are available for checkout from each school site. Parents may contact their child's school directly to request a hotspot and schedule a day/time for pickup. 

    In order to qualify for a hotspot, you must meet the following 3 indicators:

    • Do not currently have Internet services at home to support the instructional needs of my student;
    • Have a household income equal to or less than 250% of the federal poverty guidelines;
    • Require the hotspot as necessary as a result of the public health emergency caused by COVID-19.


    • Hotspots must be picked up by the parent or legal guardian. Proof of identification will be required.
    • The hotspot device will be monitored to ensure it is utilized for educational purposes only.
    • Hotspot device Internet filters are applied outside of school. While this filtering solution is effective, the district cannot guarantee that all access to inappropriate sites will be blocked.
    • It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to take precautions to monitor Internet usage.
    • Parents/Guardian may be held liable for any damage to or loss of this hotspot device, up to and including paying the $79.99 replacement cost for this device.
    • Upon notice from Dorchester School District Two, parent/guardian must return this device to the school or district office within 48 hours. If the device is not returned to the school or district within 48 hours, the device will be reported to the police as stolen.
    • Only one hotspot may be issued per household.