Please follow the steps if you need technical assistance:

  • Step 1: Contact your teacher to make them aware that you are having an issue.  If your teacher is unable to resolve the issue, proceed to step 2. 

    Step 2: 

    • Cracked Screen, Spills, Not Powering On:  Contact your school's media/tech center immediately to receive a loaner device.
    • All Other Issues: See troubleshooting issues below for common issues.  

    Step 3:

    If issues still persist, CLICK HERE to receive assistance from our team of DD2 teachers who specialize in instructional technology support.

Troubleshooting for Common Issues

  • These are examples of common issues that students may encounter.  Follow the steps below to resolve your issue before contacting technology support.

    Cannot Access Teams Meetings

    1. Contact your teacher to make sure that you have the correct link.
    2. Check your Teams calendar for the meeting invite.
    3. Check the Teams post for a meeting invite/link/announcement.

    Stuck in the Lobby for a Teams Meeting

    1. Leave the meeting, check to make sure that you have the correct link, and rejoin.
    2. Check the Teams post for a meeting announcement.
    3. Contact your teacher to make him/her aware that you are in the lobby.

    Cannot Access PowerSchool from your phone


    1. The PowerSchool Parent Portal app has recently been updated. If you are still experiencing issues, you may need to uninstall then reinstall the app.
    2. For those utilizing the app for the first time, the District Code is WSQF. *Parents who do not know their login credentials should contact their students' school. 
    3. In addition to the mobile app, you may continue to access PowerSchool Parent Portal on a web browser:
    4. Students can access Unified Classroom from Clever on their student device. 


    Program Issues:

    1. Clear Cache and Cookies - Click here for directions.
    2. Close all open browsers/tabs.
    3. Restart your device.  Click here for directions.

    Internet Issues

    1. Restart your device. Click here for directions.
    2. Watch this video to connect your home Wi-Fi.  Make sure that airplane mode is not activated.
    3. Click here for troubleshooting tips for iPads. Click here for troubleshooting tips for laptops.
    4. If you have multiple users accessing the internet, you may need a mobile hot spot. Complete the technology support form above.

    Issues involving audio/camera/microphone

    1. Restart you device.
    2. Close out all browsers/tabs.
    3. Contact Cantey Technologies at (843) 896-0777.

    **Note that the camera cannot be used in more than one program at a time.  For instance, you cannot use the camera in a Teams meeting AND in a different program.

    Cannot See Desktop (Dell device remains in tablet mode)

    If your desktop looks like the Windows start menu is stuck and is blocking your view to see your desktop icons, your device may be in tablet mode.  

    1. Click the notification area in the lower right hand corner to turn off tablet mode.

    notification area of windows

    2. You can also fold your screen fully backwards to make it a tablet, and then, lift the screen back to a laptop again. This should cause a black dialog box to appear asking you if you want to exit tablet mode. Touch "yes."