Home Internet Access

    • Students may establish Wi-Fi connections with their device outside of school wherever access is available.
    • District internet filters are applied outside of school and when using Dorchester School District Two internet connections. While this filtering solution is effective, the district cannot guarantee that access to all inappropriate sites will be blocked.
    • Dorchester School District Two is not responsible for issues experienced or information obtained while on the home network or internet.
    • Parents will take precautions to filter and monitor home or public internet usage.

    Dorchester School District Two will not serve as the internet service provider for student home use. For students to access the internet at home, the parent must subscribe through an internet service provider.  If you do not have access to the internet for home use, please review the resources noted below: Reduced-Cost Internet Service, Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Access, Wi-Fi Buses.

Reduced Cost Internet Services

WiFi Buses

  • WiFi Buses may be available for the 2020-2021 school year in select locations. More information regarding wifi buses will be shared at the beginning of the school year.